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Ecology is a subject increasingly present in the media, whether on television, on the radio, in newspapers or on the Internet... Those who want to learn about these subjects but who do not know how or where to start, we see you. That's why the Jaar team has gone to great lengths to create a homemade media guide for you on current environmental topics!

1. Podcasts

- The big shift: Every Wednesday, Xavier Seux meets an expert on one of the subjects of ecological transition and explains it to us.

- Tomorrow and sustainability: Antoine Grego invites an anthropologist, a researcher, an entrepreneur or a scientist every Tuesday to help us understand our society and give us advice on how to include ecology in our daily lives.

- Introduce children to ecology: because it is important to talk about it early, Mélanie gives us fun explanations, activities and tips to teach children how to build a sustainable world.

- L'Envert du Décor: this Huffingtonpost podcast encourages us to reflect on current ecological issues, and to deconstruct certain myths.‍

2. Books

- The Endless World, by Jean Marc Jancovici and Christophe Blain. This comic book tackles climate and energy transition topics with humor and humility. Price: 28€

- The climate in 100 questions by Gilles Ramstein and Sylvestre Huet. This book is written in the form of question and answer games and offers a scientific demonstration accessible and understandable for all on climate change. Price: €10.50

- Ecological War Diary of Hugo Clément. In the form of a logbook, the author takes us to meet those who are committed to the environmental front all over the world. Price: €7.40

3. Instagram accounts‍

- @kapawofficiel who keep us informed of the latest ideas and new ecological products

- @green_up which is an independent and committed media to inform us of all the news related to ecology

- @vert_le_media who, in addition to their instagram page, have a 100% free newsletter covering all the themes of ecology

We also recommend the Clear Fashion application which gives you welcome visibility on your clothing purchases: information on the origin of the clothes, their impact, their manufacturing conditions, the reliability of the brands... A very useful tool for consuming according to our values.

We hope that these few leads will enlighten you if you did not know them. We know as well as you that it is essential to be educated on these ecological subjects, which occupy an increasingly important place in the media. And besides, if you have other media to share with us, do not hesitate to let us know on our social networks!

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