Who are we?


Offering solutions to travel enthusiasts has always been in our DNA.

Whether it's an hour from your home or on the other side of the world, we want to make life easier for lovers of nomadism. But at the same time, we wanted to act for the planet. And for that, what better than solid cosmetics? They are excellent for the environment, but not only:

71% of French people have already adopted solid cosmetics, or wish to do so. It's good, but why not better?

Did you know that a solid shampoo bar is equivalent to three bottles of the same product? Awesome, right? The downside is that we quickly realized that adopting these cosmetics was not so easy: storing them, keeping them or transporting them quickly becomes a headache. They melt, they stick, they stay wet... and too often we come face to face with a slimy bread when unpacking our toilet bag from the suitcase. It was clear that there was no effective solution to this problem.

So we took up the challenge!

We wanted to create an object that is both practical and easy to use, to take care of your solid cosmetics - whatever your routine, and wherever you are. And above all a beautiful object, which combines responsibility and pleasure. This is how Jaar was born!

Khalid, the founder - a somewhat messy adventurer, it must be said - was fed up with his wet solid shampoos that stick to everything, everywhere. He thinks of the Jaar concept and talks about it to Audrey, artistic director and partner in other entrepreneurial projects “this time, we are doing something beautiful in addition to being useful. »

On the wise advice of Alice and Perrine de Binikit, we got closer to Margaux Keller who won us over with her creativity that combines emotion and durability. The machine got carried away, we embarked Thomas and Arnaud from the Actech design office who helped us to transform our dreams into reality.

Héloïse, who was quietly working on another project, drops everything to become the creative pen: graphic creations, videos, stories, blogs… an apprentice who teaches us so much.

And finally Carla, who came from Lyon to promote Jaar and ensure that everyone hears about it. This page would probably not have existed without Claire who put us on the right track, and Clémence who found you and knew that this project would interest you.