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The Jaar zero-waste capsule allows you to store and transport your solid cosmetics and creams. With its 4 compartments that fit together easily, it allows you to bring together in one place all your nomadic routine: shampoo, soap, face cream, body cream, toothpaste...

Solid or loose cosmetics are good for the skin and for the planet, but… they slip, melt, run, in short you like them at home but not with you.

And the soap boxes that already exist? obvious, but you need as much care as you need, are (very) often made of non-recycled plastic, made (very) far away with a (very) summarily thought out design.

Jaar was thought by us and with you, designed by Margaux Keller and Made in France

You can go with one, two or three compartments depending on your needs.

Gutters on the periphery as well as shapes in relief limit the contact of solid cosmetics with water and allow them to be kept longer

The top cap only closes the top compartment because each compartment has a slightly conical shape, with a slightly different diameter between the top and the bottom

Quarter-turn closure

Removable handle

Good sealing but not perfect, allowing both to "let breathe" your care, without them leaking

Passes the dishwasher test with flying colors

Overall size: 15 cm tall, 130 grams

Upper compartment:

Middle compartment:

Cream compartment:

Bottom compartment:
Example of solid treatments that fit into Jaar: Solid shampoo respire, Umai, Druydès, Pachamamai, Superbon, La Crème Libre, EndroCosmetiques…

For skincare that doesn't fit, it's because they're too big for a short trip, why not cut them down to carry only the essentials?

Made in France 100% from recycled plastic waste.

Material used: recycled PET from industry.
100% recyclable product.

Ordered a Jaar but changed your mind? We don't blame you, you have 15 days to write to us on smile@jaar.fr giving us your order number.

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